Founding of Hope For One Child

Garry and Linda Beckett are the co-founders of Hope For One Child.  They have been actively involved in mission work in Honduras since 2007.  In 2011 they met a twelve year old girl that was a translator for our mission team.  Little did they know that God and this little girl, Andrea, were going to turn their lives upside down.  In 2012, while on a mission trip, Andrea’s parents and Andrea asked them, if they were willing, to have Andrea come live with them in Indiana – complete all four years of high school and then go to college so she can receive her degree in medicine – specifically to become a surgeon!  Linda and Garry immediately looked at each other and asked, ‘God, why are you asking us?  We are in our 60’s – we have raised our kids and have lots of grandkids!”  But God kept pursuing them.  During talks with Andrea and her parents, she was emphatic that she will be going back to Honduras to serve her countrymen.  And after a great deal of intense prayer with God and consultation with an Elder of their church, Linda and Garry said yes to God and to Andrea – and that is just the beginning! 

Well, actually the beginning was in 2002 when Andrea was four years old.  God spoke to Andrea’s father, her uncle and her pastor.  God told them that He had chosen Andrea to be a missionary doctor and that at the right time, He would provide a family from the United States that would provide her with a spiritual and academic education.  But God had told these three me one more thing – that Andrea will be the first of many to go to the United States to study and that the family He selects will be the ‘gateway’ for the other children He chooses.  They prayed for ten years – yes ten years before God said it was time.  Again God called Linda and Garry and again they asked “Why us?”  But again after prayer and consultation with wise spiritual leaders, Linda and Garry formed the ministry, Hope For One Child – an answer to God’s calling.

Hope for One Child is a faith based 501C-3 not-for-profit corporation.  This ministry provides educational opportunities for children from impoverished nations so that those children may receive a full spiritual and academic education with the goal of  becoming leaders and serving their fellow countrymen.  It is important to understand that this ministry is not only helping a child to a much greater future – but it is also creating a Kingdom Legacy.  God spoke to all of us in Exodus 18:20 “You must instruct the children in the laws and teachings, show them how to live and tell them what to do.” And again in Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old, he will not turn away from it.” 

God revealed to Linda and Garry how they can make a difference for the future of children from impoverished nations and how they can make a difference for the future of God’s Kingdom here on earth. 

As you view our website, we pray that God will touch your heart.  We cannot alone fix poverty and or oppression, but we can make a difference – a difference now and in the future!  We do not know the plans God has for the future, we are only to obey His call.  Maybe the child you support will save hundreds or even thousands of lives, spiritually and physically.  Please pray for Hope For One Child and, if God speaks to you, be a sponsor family and or support this ministry with your financial gifts.